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Blue is Better - Tails of Azeroth Series

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#3d, animation, fantasy, monster girls, oral sex, parody, rpg, group sex, vaginal sex, futanari, trans, anal, bestiality, ntr, big ass, big boobs, cheating, exhibitionism, female domination, incest, male protagonist, multiple penetration, voiced, voyeur

#1 Human male main character returns from failed raid to find his wife having sex with somebody else, and gets kicked out of his house. A plan (of sorts) is concocted to make his dick bigger because he thinks that will magically solve his problems, which requires him to find a (horny and annoying) old man. This sets off a chain of events which has him watching and participating in many sex acts, mostly involving female Draenei.​

#2 Second chapter of Blue is Better Continue the adventures of Alexios(main human charater) with amazing draenei family​

creator: Auril
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Version: 0.81b
Languages: English
Update on: 5/15/2022, 9:30:19 AM
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