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Bound by Night

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#3d, anal, gay, horror, male protagonist, rape, multiple protagonist, oral sex

#1 Currently under development, is an adult Visual Novel set in the modern world with supernatural elements. It features a main and secondary protagonist with multiple supporting (and romanceable) characters. The story is being written to combine elements of the horror and erotic genres, with explicit sex scenes between men and dominant/submissive relationships that can evolve over the course of the story. will have its own mythology around the supernatural elements, so expect a few twists and turns. Based on what is planned, this will also allow the inclusion of additional supernatural creatures in the game based on community interest and support. Currently, four endings are planned, which will be unlocked based on your choices through the game. Additional endings may be included based on how the game develops.

creator: BoundByNight
Download links and details:
Version: 0.15a
Languages: English
Update on: 5/20/2024, 9:30:18 PM