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Sabrina the invisible art

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#2d, adventure, big ass, big boobs, fantasy, female protagonist, sandbox, teasing, parody, animation, bdsm, monster, humor

#1 Hey, everyone remembers that cool TV show about Sabrina? It was imbued with magic, humor and difficulties that the heroes faced. In our game you can plunge into the atmosphere of the school of witchcraft, visit the alchemy room and even make potions. Cute cat Salem will not leave you without attention and sarcasm, and Sabrina will share her secret desire. We ask you to love and favor!​

#2 Sabrina on Yule Holiday will tell and show you the daily life of a little witch before Christmas. While the rest of the academy students were having fun, our young Sabrina was brewing potions without leaving the alchemy room, and at night she was enriching her knowledge by reading books. And all for the sake of the cherished goal - to create a clone.​

#3 Sabrina pondered for a long time whether she should go to the fertility festival, Lupercalia, for the first time. When she made up her mind, she had to face some difficulties, which she solves with someone else's help.​

#4 Sabrina notices strange things happening to her. Her aunts don't give her a definite answer, so she shares all her secrets in her personal diary through sketches. Pretty soon she discovers her secret, and now she has to go to the academy of the invisible arts, which she doesn't like being in at all. What will she come up with this time? We made a of our good in every aspect!​

creator: Omar company
Download links and details:
Version: 0.38
Languages: English
Update on: 11/24/2022, 9:30:10 PM
Download links: