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The King of Milfs

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#3d, big ass, big boobs, male protagonist, milf, teasing, incest, handjob, oral sex, animation, creampie, vaginal sex

#1 After recovering from a near-fatal drug overdose, a young man is given a second chance to change his life for the better. An orphan after a car crash, the main character is taken in by a close friend, Reina. At the age of 18, her husband Ethan kicks the main character after discovering weed in his bedroom. For the next 7 years, the main character fell into deep depression and hard drugs; a near fatal overdose lands him in the hospital where Reina finds him. Ethan agrees to give the main character one last chance to improve his life for the better, but when the main character leaves rehab he realizes he isn't the only one who needs a second chance in life.​

creator: VC Productions
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Languages: English
Update on: 6/5/2023, 11:30:18 PM