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Due to My New Situation, I Have to Corrupt My Friend's Harem!

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#3d, cheating, corruption, handjob, harem, kinetic novel, male protagonist, mind control, school, trainer, animation, humor, mobile game, oral sex, creampie, vaginal sex

#1 "Due to My New Situation, I Have to Corrupt My Friend's Harem!" or "Friend's Harem Corruption" to make it shorter. This is a story where the MC is often overshadowed by others in the world, being seen as a secondary character, except for his exceptional intellect. The MC befriends Naoki, a widely adored individual known for his charm. Drawing upon his intellect, the MC assists Naoki in accomplishing something remarkable: capturing the hearts of specific girls and getting them engaged with him. However, one day, the appearance of a woman changes everything for both of them, damaging their relationship forever and ushering in a new chapter in their lives. Play as the MC and use different tools and abilities to corrupt Naoki's harem! This story is basically a parody of the typical harem trope.​

creator: Warrior Novels
Download links and details:
Version: 0.38
Languages: English
Update on: 6/9/2024, 5:30:17 PM